Next Level Rope Bowl: Purple Edition

After my first venture into Next Level Rope Bowls, I immediately went in search of more vibrants colors on cotton craft cord.  And boy did I stumble across a gem with amazing products fro macrame, crochet & knitting: Wool Couture. I ordered the 5mm cotton macrame cord and was blown away at both the quality and the pigment. I immediately dove into the purple and planned to use three of my prints from Aura Collection: Aloha Spirit Windward, Hawaiian Honu Dawn, & Leis Burst Pineapple.


For this bowl, I wanted to make something epic and something different because I knew that it was going to be a winner. So I made the base bigger than I ever had and sharply made the turn for the sides.


Since I planned to use the all the rope, I didn’t feel like the dainty end-of-line loop would be substantial enough of a handle. So I opted for handles that jutted out of the side not quite sure that I knew what I was doing, but winging it and plowing ahead like I do with basically every project. Enter, the Elmer’s Glue bottle, which was the perfect size and shape for the handle space that I envisioned.

I backstitched before and after the Elmer’s Glue Bottle and totally eyeballed making the two handles symmetrical. And then once the spaces were created, I continued sewing 6 rotations of the rope bowl before detaching from the handle and following the original circle again.

rope bowls

If this is your first introduction to rope bowls, make sure to check out my original YouTube video tutorial. With my purple bowl, I super saturated it with Terial Magic to stiffen it and boy oh boy did it ever. This cotton macrame cord soaked up the stiffener and the marriage of products created a super durable and sturdy piece. So get ready get set go and make yourself some awesome sauce rope bowls.


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  1. Mathew Boudreaux

    Boy howdy! That turned out beautiful!

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