Hi Friends!

H! I'm Mathew Boudreaux, but most folks know me as Mx Domestic.

I’m a sewist, crafter, teacher, speaker, designer, advocate, firm anti-racist, LGBTQIA+, and (best of all) Helena’s dad.

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Love Notes from Fans of Sew-U

“Mister Domestic’s infectious creativity, inspiration and joy had me creating more than I ever had before. His teaching style and most importantly the all-important 95% percent rule, have made quilting and sewing the like very accessible to a novice sewist. He has also created a lovely inclusive community of like-minded makers in pursuit of the greater good of anti-racism, pro LGBTQIA+, which is awesome.

Mathew will teach you how to make the projects you only dreamed of and give you the mindset and confidence to finish.

It’s all about creating a joyous creative process, the product will be what it will…thoughts and words to live by!”

-Dallas O’Donoghue, Edmonton, AB, Canada

Celebrate Pride All Year 'Round
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This inclusive collection showcases the beauty of Pride with designs that represent the entire rainbow of the LGBTQIA+ Community. The fabrics feature all of the colors of the Pride Flag in a multitude of beautiful designs for any project you’d like to create. 

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For the non-EPP aficionados, I oft get asked what happens to the papers that are used to form the shapes in English Paper Piecing. Since I only use a thin line of glue to affix the fabric, I don't necessarily need my seam ripper to remove them, but it for sure comes out more cleanly so I can reuse the papers for the next project. I'm still not sure what I'm going to create with this panel I made using @patricklosestudios Glisten Opulence, so if you have any ideas, throw them in the comments. #englishpaperpiecing #mxdomestic ...

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I still can't get over how much I love this Black & Pink Weave using my Heart Weave pattern and this soft vinyl from @sewhungryhippie. I have a new blog posted over on my website if you wanna learn all the deets. Or you can just tell my weave she's pretty in the comments. Or both! 😂 Love ya mean it. #fabricweaving #mxdomestic ...

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"My body, my rules" is something I've impressed on my 10 year-old daughter and it baffles me that so many adults never got that memo. Imagine if we all just lived in a world where we focused on ourselves. Like I'm just over here doing me and I'm loving myself for the first time in my life. So the painted nails aren't going unless I get tired of them, but I don't see that happening any time soon, so.... love ya mean it. #mxdomestic #enbypride
👚from @wearewildfang

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Boundaries, fabulous boundaries... I wish I'd learned of them earlier as they have become my first line of defense of protecting my peace, loving myself, and maintaining my mental health. Love this 🎈art by @blcksmth using the words of @wittyidiot as a reminder of the why because relationships with mutually understood and respected boundaries are such a beautifully safe environment for love to flourish. Love ya mean it. #boundariesarehealthy #selfloveisthebestlove ...

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I actually get super excited when I have to turn tubes for a project because that means I get to whip out my @sookiesews EZ Point & Turner. Any guesses what I'm working on? 🩷🖤#sewingnotions #mxdomestic ...

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Anytime I post a weaving video, folks ask how I get it off the board. And yes, I've absolutely learned the hard way, which I why I do ALL the things to make sure it stays in tact. Plus, the masking tape ensures a straight stitch line, great for quilting smaller projects too! #fabricweaving #mxdomestic ...

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Whether you've been on my journey for a while or a smidge, thank you for being here and for lifting me up. I truly feel I have found my people merely by being myself instead of trying to prove my worth to those who refused to see it. Because we are all worthy, just as we are, to be our true selves and to show up as we are without fear of retribution for existing. I didn't know what the feedback would be when I finally spoke on my struggles in the quilting industry, so I took my time with it because I was tired of accidentally inflicting wounds on myself and others. And today I feel nothing but love, support, and healing. Thank you for seeing me. Love you mean it. #selflovejourney #cptsdrecovery ...

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For most of my life, I've compartmentalized my trauma and put it into what I call in therapy "my little dark box of pain" that I just didn't deal with or talk about for decades. Until I began identifying it to begin the healing process. It doesn't get easier, but I recognize the process and I have a great healthcare team and support system to help me navigate. And of all of the things I've experienced in my life, the intentional harm caused to me by quilters and the industry-at-large has been so incredibly painful, in part because of how public this part of my life is and how publicly everything happened. So this is not be trying to stir the pot or dredge things up. This is me finally speaking on all of this to process and move through it. So thank you to everyone for being a part of my journey, both healing and beyond, and for helping me get to this point. Love you mean it. #quiltersofinstagram #mxdomestic ...

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How to make bias tape without a bias-making tool. And yes I know this isn't cut on the bias, but just pretend for the demo because the result is so satisfying. Neat trick, ya? #sewingtips #biastape ...

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