Hi Friends!

H! I'm Mathew Boudreaux, but most folks know me as Mx Domestic.

I’m a sewist, crafter, teacher, speaker, designer, advocate, firm anti-racist, LGBTQIA+, and (best of all) Helena’s dad.

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Love Notes from Fans of Sew-U

“Mister Domestic’s infectious creativity, inspiration and joy had me creating more than I ever had before. His teaching style and most importantly the all-important 95% percent rule, have made quilting and sewing the like very accessible to a novice sewist. He has also created a lovely inclusive community of like-minded makers in pursuit of the greater good of anti-racism, pro LGBTQIA+, which is awesome.

Mathew will teach you how to make the projects you only dreamed of and give you the mindset and confidence to finish.

It’s all about creating a joyous creative process, the product will be what it will…thoughts and words to live by!”

-Dallas O’Donoghue, Edmonton, AB, Canada

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This inclusive collection showcases the beauty of Pride with designs that represent the entire rainbow of the LGBTQIA+ Community. The fabrics feature all of the colors of the Pride Flag in a multitude of beautiful designs for any project you’d like to create. 

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I’m often asked whether I sell the things I make and I mostly don’t. And the few times Ive tried to explain the why, I always feel like it’s being perceived that I’m full of myself when I explain the actual cost. Like being compensated for the materials and also my time is something to be embarrassed about. And we always undervalue our time. Like all of us do it. As if knowing our worth is egotistical or something. It’s just a weird uncomfortable tango when pricing an item, so I don’t. I apppaud @karleeporterdesign for this video because it’s such important information for all of us to recognize, makers and buyers alike. Love you mean it. #quiltersofinstagram #quiltersgonnaquilt ...

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Y’all have really been showing my nails some love lately, so I had to share my secret: @dashingdiva_usa Glaze. They’re semi-cured gel strips that last for up to two weeks and have allowed me to grow my nails out and get them healthy. And no this isn’t sponsored and I bought all this with my own money (but I’d happily take $$ and free product if they sent it my way 😂😂). So thanks for the 💅 love. And thanks Dashing Diva for keeping my nails divaliciious. #dashingdivanails #dashingdiva ...

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Bisexuality is a romantic or sexual attraction or behavior toward both males and females, to more than one gender, or to both people of the same gender and different genders. So regardless of how you define your bisexuality, Happy Bisexual Awareness Week. 💗💜💙 #biweek #bisexualpride
🎶 by @milkoglitch

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TAPE MEASURE MASKING TAPE: newest favorite sewing notion #sewingtime #sewists #mxdomestic ...

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The much anticipated relaunch of my Flowermania English Paper Piecing kit with @paperpiecesepp is finally here, with both the full quilt and table runner sizes available. I’m beyond stoked to get back to some slow stitching with this pattern and I can’t wait to see what y’all come up with. Love ya mean it. #flowermaniaquilt #mxdomestic #paperpiecesepp ...

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My Crochet Tobago Bag is finally complete and I’m obsessed. Both the yarn (Happy Place) and tutorial are @tlyarncrafts and it’s like they were meant for each other. Basically can never go wrong if it comes from Toni. Now it’s time to decide what to make next. Any ideas? #tobagobag #crochetbag #HobbiiHappyPlace ...

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SEWING HACK: glue basting quilt binding using Elmers Glue and these Microfine tips that I got from @cristycreates of Purple Daisies Quilting. This is such a game changer and makes sewing binding a breeze. #sewingtips #quiltbinding ...

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I have not been able to get this post from @blcksmth out of my head since I saw it 6 days ago because these words from @nate_postlethwait concisely express my entire 2023 and beyond as I try to move beyond and heal through my mental health crisis from the previous year(s). I asked for help in the quilting world for financial and reputational harm caused to me by some local quilters and was ostracized and met with a cease and desist letter. I asked for literal accommodations for my ADHD & PTSD with my previous job, which were refused for four months with a failed attempt to fire me, which eventually led to my psychotic break and a slew of repressed memories of abuse from my childhood. Asking for help is hard, especially as someone with a lifetime of trauma, but I never envisioned that when I did that it would perpetuate more harm to myself. I was flailing. Triggered from my C-PTSD that had yet to identify itself. Retrospectively, of course I could have handled it better if I was in a healthier head-space. But to want to perpetuate more harm on me when I was clearly struggling, that I will never understand. As the anniversary approaches of me attempting to end my life last year, it blows my mind how far I’ve come in my healing journey. It’s been incremental healing one day at a time, both healing from the trauma and healing from the harm caused when I asked for help. The reverberations of both are ever-present so I can’t just avoid it. It was when I took my healing into my own hands and stopped looking for someone or something else to help me that healing became possible. I yearn for the day where I actually feel worthy, but I have moments where I recognize my power and wow am I proud of myself. So f&€king proud. Because I have so much to live for and stoked every day that I get to live it. Love you mean it. But also, I love me and mean it. #selflovejourney #cptsdrecovery ...

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As of this moment, we have officially raised $10,656.20 for the AIDS Walk Northwest, which is a larger fundraiser for the @cascadeaidsproject. And this absolutely blows my mind and doubles what we’ve been able to raise is precious years. The generosity of those makers who contributed to the almost 200 items exceeded my expectations and the generosity of those with the funds to purchase those items had left me humbled and honored. From the bottom of my heart, thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you. See you next year and love you mean it. #cascadeaidsproject #aidswalk ...

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When I first discovered these Magic Pins from @taylorsevilleoriginals a few years ago, I immediately went out and bought every size after I tried them out because they were perfect for my weaving since I could iron directly over them. Plus, they’re ergonomic and strong enough that I can use them to steam block my crochet projects. There’s a link in my profile if you wanna check them out. Or we can just oooh and aaah together with this Reels. #sewingpins #magicpins ...

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