Scrappy Strip Quilt Block

I made this quilt block from fabrics of a leftover weave that I did! They were all inch and a half strips so I decided to cut the gold accent strips into inch and a half as well.

Check out these amazing Stripology Rulers by clicking here or the image above. 

Then I sliced the existing strips into five inch and three inch sections.

Then I got to work making my little caterpillars. Once I threw the strips in separate 3 inch and 5 inch bins and gave them a little shake, I really got into my zen place sewing all the strips together.

I squared the caterpillars off at 19 inches…

Put the gold accents in between…

Sewed them together, made sure it was a square in the end, and ironed them flat to perfection.

Can’t wait to have a match pillow for a future quilt I plan to make!

Video Tutorial

Learn to sew this simple strip quilt block with Mathew of Mx Domestic. It can either be scrappy or intentional, but no strip shall be ignored with this dynamic project that can be done in a weekend. You can either make the size shown here or use this technique to make an entire quilt or blocks that you then turn into a quilt. The sky is the limit for sure.

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