Aura Blog Party – Week 3

Week 3 of the Aura Blog Party was a full week of seven examples of fabric magic. Like seriously each and every make blew me away.


Ikat Quilt by Tara of Wefty Needle

Yeehaw! The Aura Blog Party kicks off again with WEFTY Needle’s amazing Ikat Quilt. The placement of the prints and her use of denims in the background have created a true masterpiece. Head over to Tara’s blog to learn all about this amazing make and show her some ??

Wrap Dress by It’s Sew Monica

Next stop on the Aura Blog Party Train is That’s Sew Monica, who is basically all that and a bag of chips. This dress made using the Leis Burst Pineapple print has blown my mind with its perfection. Like ?☠️ So head over to her blog to learn all about her and the project because ???

Improv Quilt by Nicholas Ball of Quilts from the Attic

Super duper stoked to see Nicholas Ball’s quilt that he made for his day in the Aura Blog Party. His improv work is ????? and I keep zooming in to see all the variety in his blocks. Seriously this is so much! So make sure to head to his page and blog and show him the ???

Pineapple Crush Quilt by Lucy Brennan of Charm About You

Okay so this was internal conversation when I saw Lucy Brennan’s finished project for my Aura Blog Party. First I was all like omg that goooorgeous and my jaw dropped. Then I was like huh? Wait that’s not my fabric. Then I was all like omg that’s my fabric!!!!!!!!! How did she do that?!? And then I freaked out all over the screen. Please I beg of you to go to Lucy’s blog to see how she made this. Like ??????????

Quilt by Robbin of Sew Farm Quilter

Oooh la la. Check out Robbin Flockhart’s new quilt top that she made for the Aura Blog Party. The interplay of the colors and prints and curves is total ??. Make sure to check out her page and get to know Robbin and this project. ⛄️

Orbie Quilt by Evie of EV Quilts

Oooooooooooooh. Next is EVQuilts day in the Aura Blog Party and looooook. This is so flipping coooooool. So go check out her blog and yaaaay and woooohooo and bloop. ???

Cleo Skirt by Kelly Liddle of Jeliquilts

Next is Kelly of Jeliquilts’ day in the Aura Blog Party and check out this Cleo Skirt she made using the Laki Island Nightfall print. H2T ??. So head over to Kelly’s blog to learn all about this project! ?

Thanks for coming along this journey with us. Make sure to check in next week for even more amazing makes.

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While I don’t promote anything unless I legit love it, this post contains affiliate links.


  1. Mathew Boudreaux
    Lucy - Charm About You

    Thank you for having me at your party!! I loved making the quilt! ?✨ It’s wonderful seeing all the fabulous creations everyone has made! ???

  2. Mathew Boudreaux

    Where do you find all of these amazing artists?!! Crazy in love with all of them. You all are so lucky to know each other. It’s Sew Monica’s dresses just blow me away! She’s bringin’ back making your own dresses and I’m loving it!

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