Biden Harris 2020 Quilt Block

Biden Harris 2020 on white paper

So I was trying to come up with a project for myself that would fill me with hope today, so I created this Biden Harris Applique Block and thought some of y’all might wanna make it for similar reasons. I’ll work up a better “pattern” later, but for those who know how to do raw edge applique, here’s the template for the letters.

And if raw edge applique is new to y’all, I have a tutorial I did on Youtube for a different project that goes over the basic steps.

And if y’all haven’t seen the block I did with the Social Justice Sewing Academy, here’s a link to the Vote: Removes Stubborn Orange Stains Block.


  1. Mathew Boudreaux
    Laurie Marx

    Love your creativity! Any chance you have this in a .pes file? ? I know you love your brother machines too. And always… thanks for your positivity. I love that you use your platform to spread awareness, love, and compassion!

  2. Mathew Boudreaux
    Luisa Bruno-Lopez

    I love this! Thank you for sharing!

  3. Mathew Boudreaux
    Amy Sullivan

    You are keeping me sane,
    Much love,

  4. Mathew Boudreaux

    Hi Matthew! You’re amazing and wonderful and so is this block.

    I was wondering- what kind of fusible are you using?? I watched your raw edge YouTube video and my eyes nearly popped out of my head when I saw you run it through the printer. I may have missed it, but I need to know so I can make all my super intricate appliqué dreams come true!!


      1. Mathew Boudreaux

        You are amazing, thank you so so much. <3

  5. Mathew Boudreaux
    S E

    Orange stains indeed!!!! Yay!!! Love this, and your rope bowls are gorgeous!

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