Butterfly Pillow

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I often find myself so focused on projects that I stay holed up in my sewing room and before I know it, hours have passed…I often forget to take a break to just breathe and relax. I bounce from project to project or between sewing and crocheting. I think all of us can relate to this regardless of what your day to day entails. How many of us take the time to just chill anymore?

The other day, I stepped outside and so glad I did at that moment. I happened upon a beautiful butterfly fluttering about…soaking up the sunshine and the brisk air. Little did I know that this little creature would be the inspiration for my next project featuring my Playroom fabrics.

I don’t know what kind of this is, but my initial research tells me that it’s from Gracey Larson’s (Burlap and Blossom Patterns) Patchwork Picnic Book and it’s using my upcoming Playroom fabrics. I brought it inside to bring it back to health before it blossoms into a pillow.

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