Catch & Release Project Party – Week 3


These makers in the Catch & Release Project Party just keep knocking it out of the park. Let’s get to know the Week 3 projects more closely, eh?

Kicking off the third week of the Catch & Release Project Party is Catalina Home Grown with an assortment of handmade kitchen and home decor that belongs in a high end boutique. Featured in this picture is the fish placemats that they made. And guess what? They have a free pattern for them so you can make your own. Aand I know there’s a giveaway their doing later so check back. Head over to their blog to learn more about this mother-daughter duo of awesome! ?

Assortment of Kitchen Wares by Catalina Home Grown

Liz of Bitter Candy Design has got me gobsmacked with this vinyl “Slice of the Ocean” train case and fish friends that she made for the Catch & Release Project Party! Mix innovation with some can-do attitude and the sky’s the limit. I’m so flipping proud of Liz! Make sure to check out her blog and fish friends Tutorial. ?

Vinyl Train Case by Bitter Candy Design

Okay um ? don’t mind me while I look for my jaw on the floor. Today is Geeky Bobbin’s day in the Catch & Release Project Party with her Intersectional Quilt, which, dare I say, is a masterpiece. Please head to her blog for all the ??? and ???

Intersectional Quilt by Geeky Bobbin

As soon as I saw this ? I knew that this was the one to post. Vickie of Crocheting Vixen most def stepped it up with these vests and hats and bags that she made for the Catch & Release Project Party. Head over to her blog to love on her posts because omg these are adorbs. ?

Children’s Apparel by Crocheting Vixen

Today’s stop in the Catch & Release Project Party is the superstar-in-the-Making Christina’s of Such a Pretty Fabric with this beyond phenomenal quilt and beyond extraordinary picture. She has blown me away the entire experience and I just know that anything she wants to accomplish she can. Please everyone head to her guest post on my blog to learn more about Christina & this project.

Sampler Quilt by Such a Pretty Fabric

And just like that, we are halfway through the Catch & Release Project Party. Stay tuned for more amazing projects to come.

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