Cloth Doll made by Joe Madl

Cloth Doll made by Joe Madl

When Joe Madl of Manhandled Threads offered to make me one of his cloth dolls using my Loved to Pieces collection for my Market Booth, I honestly freaked out and immediately was like heck yes. I also tried to front saying that Helena wouldn’t let me give it back, but really it was me. I knew that as soon as I saw it that there would be no way for me to part with her. However, I did let Helena name her and her name is officially Diamond Crystal Boudreaux. So everybody say hiiii Diamond!

As soon as I knew that Joe received my fabric, I was stalking IG to watch his creation unfold and boy was I blown away with each progress photo. Now let’s take some time to get to know Joe. Here’s Joe:

I have always been fascinated by the many, varied forms that fiber takes. From thread and yarn to a multitude of fabrics, it embodies the nature of the soul in its suppleness, delicacy and strength. Fiber’s willingness to be transformed both in form and texture makes it the perfect medium in which to express a sense of wonder and delight in the richness of life’s experiences!

The opportunity to create one of my cloth  dolls in Mathew’s beautiful new fabric line, Loved To Pieces, from Art Gallery Fabrics, brought me full circle back to my roots in toy making and design, renewing a child-like sense of play and curiosity in my artistic expression.

And with a name like Diamond Crystal, she basically had zero choice to become the star that she is, appearing in a prominent spot at my booth and in my Look Book.


Screen Shot 2018-06-05 at 7.38.51 PM.png

And I took a couple close up shots so you can truly appreciate her beauty. I mean she’s also smart and charming and funny, but let’s ooh ah for a moment.

So thank you Joe for creating the newest member of the Boudreaux family. She will be cherished forever and always. You talent amazes.

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