Crochet Linen Stitch plus JoAnn Yarn Haul

A Colorful crochet on a brown background

Even though I’m always learning new techniques and finding new textiles, I have consciously stayed away from wool. In my mind, it was itchy, not very comfortable, and always managed to find its way into my regular laundry. So when given the chance to focus on nothing but wool for this collaboration with Joann Fabrics, I jumped at it without really knowing where my opinion would land once I got on then other side of it. And let me tell you, I’m smitten like a kitten over these yarns!

I didn’t want to totally overwhelm my brain with too many choices, so I focused on three different yarns:

And honestly, it was super hard to focus on just one for this project, but the rainbow won out, so I went with the Patons Alpaca Blend. At first, I played around with a few different stitches, but definitely wanted something light-weight, so I ended up going with the Linen Stitch, which was absolutely perfect if I may say so myself. To learn how to crochet this stitch and learn more about each of these three yarns, make sure to head over to my YouTube Channel.

Once you get the basic stitch down, the pattern I followed was pretty simple. 

  • For the scarf, I used rows of 26, starting with 8 rows of grey, then four rows of 7 colors and then I went back to the grey until it ran out. After than I went back to then rainbow in reverse order and ended with 8 more rows of grey before I tasseled the ends. 
  • For the hat, I crocheted rows of 86 in the round: 4 rows of each of the 7 colors and then I finished with 5 rows of the grey. After that I cinched the red on the top and then a hat was born.

And of course, if you’re looking for hooks- head over to Furls and grab a set

So thanks for coming along my rainbow-tactic journey with me into the Wool Experience with Joann. For me, this was definitely a game-changing experience and I can’t wait to see what Wool projects I come up with next. Keep it positive everyone. 

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    Rose Turner

    I love this! Thanks for sharing these ideas.

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