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Even though we had months to prepare since the leaked Roe V Wade decision became public, the overturning of Roe v. Wade, a decision that each of justices who overturned it said was precedent under oath, is frightening in the fervor with which some states are controlling uteruses even more and the long-term applications on other privacy “precedents” clearly on the docket. In this moment, however, only safe abortions have been prevented, not the total number occurring. And humans with uteruses will die, impacting BIPOC AFAB humans the most.

So in response to this moment, Mx Domestic will be hosting a fundraiser to raise money for abortion fund and abort!on access organizations. I’d like to focus on those organizations that aren’t as commonly spoken about or focus on BIPOC or LGBTQ humans. Our goal is to have a total of 10 vetted organizations before the start of the fundraiser. This is going from idea to implementation rather swiftly, so I don’t have all the details right now, but will be adding things in real time to this post as soon as we have it.

I just wanted to get this started by letting everyone know that we will use my  @mxdomesticfundraiser account to set up a fundraiser of handmade goods, handmade related items, or something cool someone will bid on, where 100% of the proceeds will go to the organizations listed below.

Click the button below to be taken to the donation form for handmade, handmade adjacent, or really cool items. Even if you are unable to donate, please share with others who may be in a position to do so.

I will begin listing items as soon as I receive them and this will run the week of July 4th – 11th. Thank you kindly for any and all assistance.

Abortion Fund and Access Organizations

  • Indigenous Women Rising
    • Mission: Indigenous Women Rising is committed to honoring Native & Indigenous People’s inherent right to equitable and culturally safe health options through accessible health education, resources and advocacy.
    • Instagram @IndigenousWomenRising – Working to make sexual health and reproductive justice accessible for our Native fams.
    • Click to Donate directly
  • In Our Own Voice: National Black Women’s Reproductive Justice
    • About Us: a national/state partnership designed to amplify and lift up the voices of Black women leaders at the national and state levels in our ongoing fight to secure Reproductive Justice for all women and girls.
    • Our organization partners with eight Black women’s Reproductive Justice organizations – Black Women for Wellness, Black Women’s Health Imperative, New Voices for Reproductive Justice, SisterLove, SisterReach, SPARK Reproductive Justice NOW!, the Afiya Center and Women With a Vision
    • To educate and mobilize Black women, femmes and girls on issues such as abortion access, contraceptive equity and comprehensive sexuality education.
    • Instagram @blackwomensrj
    • Click to Donate directly
  • The Afiya Center
    • (TAC) was established in response to the increasing disparities between HIV incidences worldwide and the extraordinary prevalence of HIV among Black womxn and girls in Texas. TAC is unique in that it is the only Reproductive Justice (RJ) organization in North Texas founded and directed by Black womxn.  At TAC we are transforming the lives, health, and overall wellbeing of Black womxn and girls by providing refuge, education, and resources; we act to ignite the communal voices of Black womxn resulting in our full achievement of reproductive freedom.
    • Instagram @theafiyacenter
    • Click to Donate directly
  • Black Women for Wellness
    • We believe that good health is physical, spiritual, emotional, mental and financial well-being. We believe in healthy communities where Black women and girls have the ability and resources to grow strong and soar. We believe that good health involves an integration of western medicine and holistic health practices to create a better life. We believe in preventing illness through education, self-empowerment, access, appropriate treatments and interventions, and blending solutions that work for Black women and girls. We believe that the lifestyles or financial and educational status of Black women and girls must not matter in our ability to implement health decisions or access to health services.
    • Instagram @bwfwla
    • Click to Donate directly
  • New Voices for Reproductive Justice
    • New Voices for Reproductive Justice are dedicated to transforming society for the holistic health and wellbeing of Black women, girls and gender expansive people, nationally and in Pennsylvania and Ohio. They help dismantle patriarchal anti-Blackness using the tools community organizing, leadership development, and voter engagement.
    • Instagram @newvoicesrj
    • Click to Donate directly
  • Spark Reproductive Justice
    • SPARK defines Reproductive Justice as a social justice movement rooted in the belief that individuals and communities should have the resources and power to make sustainable and liberatory decisions about their bodies, genders, sexualities, and lives. Reproductive Justice is pro-sex, sexuality, gender, queer bodies, access to abortion and contraception, birth rights and chosen families, and so much more!
    • Instagram @sparkrjnow
    • Click to Donate directly
  • National LGBTQ Task Force
    • The National LGBTQ Task Force recognizes that everyone has a fundamental right to sexual and bodily autonomy, which includes the right to decide whether or when to become a parent, parent the children we have, and to do so with dignity and free from violence and discrimination. We support the reproductive health, rights, and justice (“repro*”) movements because LGBTQ people need access to reproductive healthcare and services, but we continue to face pervasive discrimination designed to block recognition of our identities and relationships and to hinder our ability to access the healthcare we need, including gender-affirming care and sexual and reproductive healthcare.
    • Instagram @thetaskforce
    • Click to Donate directly


  1. Mathew Boudreaux
    Kathie Conlee


    I have followed you since I met you at Bigfoot Quilts in Auburn. You were giving a class and was watching from the back. Since then and with you emails, I have enjoyed you energy for the community.

    I had also worked as fabric manager in a local craft shop. The nice thing is that I made many samples for the customers to see possible products in some crazy fabric. I have a tote full of items, mostly bags and purses. I’d love for you to have these for this auction.

    Are you by any chance going to be in the Puyallup, Auburn or Tacoma area? If not, I’ll send to the Camas address below.

    Love you and all that you are!


  2. Mathew Boudreaux

    Hey, I am a wanna be creative. Not good enough (yet) to offer up an item. So, I made a donation today, as I am a tired grandma who is liable to forget in a week! Thank you for all you do!

  3. Mathew Boudreaux
    Rosalie Wright

    I can donate a Yarn It Out T-shirt, 3 balls of yarn for you to raffle off for this fundraiser. My YouTube channel loves to give back to charities I usually contribute to Veterans at the VA but this abortion issue is also a issue I will support. I will put out a video to let my followers know about your fundraiser as well. Thank you for all you do. I hope we get to meet one day. you have such a big heart.

    Rosalie Wright aka Yarn It Out

  4. Mathew Boudreaux
    Lisa Langelier-Marks

    Just submitted my first item through the fundraiser form, but forgot to include my Instagram account info. How can I update that? It is the “NIGHT & DAY FLOWERS Double Drawstring Reversible Bag, Pouch… ” Should have included @mythroansdream as my Instagram info. (Apologies for my goof! Thank you in advance for helping me correct it.)

  5. Mathew Boudreaux
    Tami Ellis

    How do we know if we win a specific product? You liked my bid…did I win? If so, how do I pay?????

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