Hooked Fabric Pumpkins

 Fabric pumpkins around the sewing machine

Every year around this time, I just have to make fabric pumpkins. Ever since the first time four years ago, it’s one of the many things about this time of year that bring me joy: making fabric pumpkins. And this year, I of course had to make them with my Hooked Fabric Collection that’s inspired by crochet. Much quicker than actually crocheting the pumpkins so win win. For the pattern, head here.

And if you wanna make your own, I filmed a tutorial over on Youtube a couple years ago that’s pretty fun.

But like if you don’t wanna make any and just wanna look at my cute ones, here’s a photo I took that was acceptable, but I didn’t post it because I had a feeling I could do better.

See that’s cute, but I was clearly waiting to get my new Janome M7 because this next photo totally blows that one out of the water methinks.

And if you wanna watch my unboxing of my new machine and help me come up with a name for them, click on the image below.

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  1. Mathew Boudreaux
    Deborah Haberman

    So fun to make! Thanks for the inspiration. Debbie

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