Hooked Moon River Quilt Top

Hooked Moon River Quilt Top  

Sometimes when I’m trying to look for my next project, I like to go to the shop of a designer I like and find something to make. So when I got my Hooked Fabric strike offs, I immediately went to Ebony Love to see what patterns she had that might work and her Moon River Quilt Pattern was a perfect way to showcase my fabrics. Plus, I knew it was gonna be way easier that it looked at first glance so it was a definitely win-win situation.

This is a raw edge applique pattern for the circles, so if this is a new technique for you, I have a tutorial explaining it that I did for another project. And I was able to get halfway through the quilt top before I ran out of my strike offs, so I had to wait to finish when my advanced yardage arrived.

So as soon as my yardage came, I got back into this quilt and was able to finish the top. Yaaay!

And without further ado, here’s my finished quilt top in all it’s glory. I’m not sure about quilting yet or if I am gonna do it, so it’s officially folded up on a shelf of projects to eventually finish. Until then, let’s ooh la la this beauty.

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