My Favorite Holiday Ornaments


I realized that I never put all of my ornaments into a post together to make them easy to find. So tada: ORNAMENTS. Click on the links or images below to learn more about each one.

The Quilted Ball Ornament


Learn to make your own quilted ball ornament here

Supplies: Four 2″ WOF fabric strips from three different fabrics, styrofoam ball, applique pins, one long pin, 2′ 1/8″ satin ribbon & smiles

Fabric Swedish Advent Star Ornament

Learn to make your own Swedish Advent Star ornament here.

Supplies: Aleene’s Fabric Fusion Fabric Glue, straight pins, small clips, fabric, Wefty needle, and a foam board.

Scandinavian Heart Basket Ornament

Find out how to make a no Sew Scandinavian Heart Basket Ornament here.

Supplies: Iron on adhesive, chunky yarn, fabric, self threading needles, and a happy heart.

Woven Hexie Ornament

Find out how to make a Woven Hexie Ornament here.

Supplies: Fabric, Thread, WEFTY, Grommets (optional), 1/8″ ribbon, Pins, Small foam board, Marker, Ruler with 30 degree angle, Tape

Strip Tree Ornament


Find out how to make a Strip Tree Ornament here.

Supplies: One 2″ WOF fabric strip, one 2″ strip of interfacing the length of the fabric strip, 1/2″ beads, wire, seam ripper & happiness

Scandinavian Folded Fabric Star Ornament

Find out how to make a Scandinavian Folded Fabric Star here.

Supplies: Fabric, Arleene’s Fabric Fusion, Embroidery Floss, Terial Magic, and mini clips.

Fabric Pinecone Ornament

Learn to make your own Fabric Pinecone Ornament here

Supplies: Two 2″ WOF fabric strips, applique pins, one long pin, 2′ 1/8″ satin ribbon & smiles.

Cathedral Window Ornament

Learn to make your own Cathedral Window Ornament here

Supplies: Fabric, string/yarn, filling, botton, yarn needle, and basting glue.


  1. MxDomestic
    Julia L

    These are so fun! Thank you!

  2. MxDomestic

    Thanks Matthew for the collection in one place. I tried the hexie star (fiddly without a WEFTY but really pretty) and the strip tree already.

  3. MxDomestic
    Jonathan White

    These all holiday designs made of clothes are really amazing,

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