No-Sew Fleece Pillow with Tutorial

Mathew Boudreaux holding a pink pillow

Did you know that fleece has a super power? I just learned this in this project that’s in collaboration with Michaels and now I want to make all the fleece things. Like it doesn’t fray. That’s absolutely bananas to me because, by it not fraying, it increases the number of projects that can be made with it at least a million-fold because you can add all the no-sew projects to the mix that you normally couldn’t. Which also means that I can come up with projects that I can do with my daughter or that she could do by herself. Which brings me to this no-sew pillow project that I did in no time at all that’s good methinks for all skill-levels and all ages.

I got a bunch of different fleece prints from Michaels and the hardest part was picking which one for this project. As I do most times I can’t choose, I ask my daughter Helena to pick for me and she totally picked the hearts print. And all you need for this project is two 24” x 24” squares of fleece & a 16” x 16” pillow insert. If you wanted to adjust the size, just add 8 inches to both sides of the pillow insert and you’ll be good to go.

  • Then wrong-sides together and aligned on all four sides, hotdog fold the fleece and draw three lines 4” from the outside for the three visible raw edges. 
  • With scissors, cut 1” wide strips from the raw edge to the line all the way around the perimeter, cutting out a 4” x 4” square in each corner. 
  • Tie each pair of strips around three sides. Insert the pillow insert & finish tying the remainder of the pair of strips. 
  • Enjoy.

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