Patchwork Basket in Greens

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Minki Kim has this super awesome new book out called Zakka from the Heart. In this book, she provides 16 Charming Projects to Warm Any Home and wow is this the understatement of the year. Immediately after I looked through the entire book, I reached out to Minki to let her know how awesome her book is and that I wanted to make all the projects.

But alas, I had to choose one for her Book Tour, and I landed on the Patchwork Basket. When picking out the fabrics, I decided to go with a few of the greener prints from my Playroom Collection and through in the similarly colored fabrics from my other collections.

And then boom boom shake the room, I finished the patchwork basket in greens and immediately claimed it as one of my crochet-on-the-go baskets.

Thanks Minki for inviting me to the party.

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