Playroom Project Party – Week 3


Week 3 in the Playroom Project Party has come and gone, with gobs a gobs of amazing projects from this phenomenal set of Master Makers.


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First up this week in the Playroom Project Party is South Bay Bella with this beyond dynamic duo of perfection. She made a Blue Calla patterns Lilac Mini Messenger bag and a Emmaline Bags Mini Necessary Clutch Wallet to complete the set. Check her blog later today for details and to show the love.

Liz Gilmartin of Bitter Candy Design made this crazy-pants-cute cushion duo for the Playroom Project Party. She made my Quilted Floor Pillows from Bluprint and then next leveled multiple levels with that complementary pooch pillow in the back, that yes indeed is inspired by her real life pooch. Show her the love in the comments here and then run to her page and stuff because yes please and thank you. ?

Up today in the Playroom Project Party is Orange Blossom Quilt Design Studio with a pillows and quilt combination. This is a new Grove quilt pattern than she designed that’s now available in her shop. And then you totally have to zoom in to see the details in the pillows omg the thread design in the panels is such a fun awesome addition I’m gonna totally steal that idea in the future. The charmingly cute pillow is a free downloadable pattern at her website for mailing list sign up. So head to her shop and yaaaay, mmkay?

Omg y’all!!! The look on her eyes thats’s loooove my heart swells. This mommy – daughter duo made by Jennifer of Sunshine Selvage for the Playroom Project Party has got me straight up twitterpated. Plus she has a blog up where she shares some tips sewing with rayon. So head over to all her places and show the love. ?

Ceci’s day in the Playroom Project Party is full of fun and all I have to say is yaaaaaaas please and thank you. This set is phenomenal omg I love it so much it looks like high end boutique goodness take all my money. Head over to say hey and show her all the ?.

Omg y’all! Check out this apron that Sarai’s Hobbies made for the Playroom Project Party! Like how amazing is this!?!? Head over to see the other photos and a second project and yaaaaay omg I love this so much.

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