Playroom Project Party-Week 5


Oh how bittersweet. Parting is such sweet sorry indeed. Our fifth and final week of the Playroom Project is finally upon us. I can’t put into words how grateful I am for all of the submissions and projects that came to be! And with that, below are the final creations.

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Check out this brand new Whimsical Windmills quilt pattern by Sewl Sister for the Playroom Project Party! This is Shankari’s first quilt pattern and I’m so beyond proud of her. Like isn’t it adorable? Head over to her page and shop to show her all the love. ?

Today Jen Nilson knocked it out of the park with this dress, bag, and bunny trio. The dress and bag patterns are from McCall Pattern Company and the bunny is from Martha Stewart. Make sure to show her the love and stuff. ?

I’ve been so excited to see and share De’Lish Boutique’s makes for the Playroom Project Party. First up is thiiiiiiiiiiiiis! Like what the what?!? The hat! That horse! The “model”. Seriously I’m gobsmacked. ??

And De’Lish Boutique didn’t stop at a mere dragon and a dapper hat. She also made a whole zoo of animals and this phenomenal bunting! Like she is sooooo talented omg! Show her all the love. ?????

Woooooooooooow! This coverlet made by Sewforever Quilting by Becky Campbell is DYN-O-MITE! Talk about a party at the end of a bed! She has a new blog up showing how she made this masterpiece so make sure to head over and be all like yaaaaaay! ?

Today is Quilt Design Duo’s day in the Playroom Party and she remade the very first quilt she ever made six years ago, called Zig Zag Down. Head over to Moira’s blog & shop to see even more projects and to get your hands on this pattern. ?

The final project(s) in the Playroom Project Party harkens from Florence Taylor. She made an octopus folks!! And check out the coat she made for her daughter! Obsessed. ?And make sure to check out her guest post on my blog.

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  1. Mathew Boudreaux
    Gloria Beucler

    I just found your blog! Love it and all you do! I first met you when you were our speaker at the Clark County Quilters meeting before the world was “Shut down”! You are amazing! I laughed so hard that my ribs were sore!

    Gloria in Orchards/Hockinson

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