Rainbow Fringe Pillow

Mathew holding a fringed and rainbow-colored pillow case  

When I originally posted my silly Reels on this pillow, I didn’t realize so many would wanna make one. Luckily I filmed part of the construction when I made it, so I was able to cobble together a tutorial to help y’all out. So head over to my YouTube to learn how to make your own fringe-tastic rainbow pillow.

Like legit, of all projects I’ve ever made, this one is at the tippy top of the joy meter. Thanks Jacinta for forcing me to buy fringe. And by “forcing” I mean you posted a cool project and I bought a bunch of fringe right before I fell asleep.

For this pillow, I used 7 different colors that I got from Amazon. Here are the links to each color. They also have 2″ & 4″ fringe if you wanted less shimmy, but the links below are 6″:

To maintain the color flow with the fringe, I used an interfaced rectangle of fabric similar to the fringe color for the background, as well as thread.

And don’t forget to pin this project on your Pinterest. Keep it positive everyone.

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  1. Mathew Boudreaux

    Wow! Wow! WOW! That is an absolute stunner!

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