Say Gay. Say Queer. Say Trans. Pride Fabric Collection

Say Gay

Say Gay. Say Queer. Say Trans.” is the name of my 8th fabric collection that I’ve placed over in my @spoonflower shop. When I began designing for this Pride, I was thinking maybe a couple prints. But designing with absolutely zero limitations for the LGBTQ+ community took on a life of its own. Because we are soooooo much for than the six color rainbow flag. We are a beautiful assortment of colors representing each and every one of our truths.

All The Pride

In learning about myself and researching for this collection, I discovered that there were well over 100 different Pride Flags. So I spent time learning about each one and included 105 flags with multiple variations of a handful of identities. The design is intended of be a visual representation of the history of the LGBTQ+ community with the inclusion of 105 unique Pride Flags. There is both a smaller and larger version of this print.

The United States of Potential

After I had made my Conversion Therapy Map Quilt, I knew that I wanted to make other versions for other Anti-LGBT issues. In the original, each state was appliqued. To make it easier for anyone who might want the rainbow, I have included a Tea Towel, Fat Quarter & Full Yard version of this design.

With the disgusting and harmful anti-LGBTQ legislation being enacted in red states across the country, this collection needed a design that directly combatted that. This “Say Gay” design comes in low volume and rainbow.

What looks like fireworks from afar is actually a circle of humans (both adult and child) to represent the various families out there. This design was actually the reason I went solo after I was asked not to include children in last year’s Pride collection because it might upset some people. Children are THE reason that I do this, to help keep them safe. So instead I did eight monochromes representing the 8 colors of the Philadelphia Pride Flag (above).

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There are two additional versions below: one with a black background and the 6 color rainbow gradient of the traditional Pride Flag and a second 8-color striped version with the colors from the Philadelphia Pride Flag.

I do still love me a good rainbow, though. So I created this design in gray and the pink & blue from the Transgender Pride Flag.

Next are grouping of three prints based on the Pride Flag Colors of unique identities. The first design is the Stonewall Print, inspired by the Stonewall Riots that was the catalyst for LGBTQ+ rights. The second is called You Got This and is based on word clouds created from the thousands of supportive comments collected from all of you. And the third one is all about the Stripes.









Gay Man

Hands down, my favorite print is the print we did as a community with 1000s of comments of support for the queer kids we know or the queer kids we once were. A few weeks ago, I had asked y’all on both Instagram and TikTok what queer kids need to hear right now. And wow did the comments pour in. So this print is 1000 of those comments and, I must say, editing and reading these were both therapeutic and healing. There is a small scale version where all comments fit in on yard of Cotton Sateen. A larger scaled version is also available if that is your preference.

1000 Comments Project

So head over to my Spoonflower shop to get your Pride on. I hope you all love this as much as I do. Love you mean it and Happy Pride Year.

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