Sew-U is Now Live

Mister Domestics Sew U poster in black and blue

The day is finally here for me to announce something I’ve been working on behind the scenes for over a year now. Ever since my YouTube Channel was phished, hacked and stolen for a couple months back in 2019, I knew that two things needed to happen:

  1. I needed to have better control, access and customer service to my tutorial content;
  2. I needed a space where I could better protect the Mx Domestic Community from the uglies of the world.

For those that weren’t around when the hack happened, my YouTube began being used for political disinformation, forcing livestreams of Sean Hannity & Laura Ingraham and constant notifications of fake news stories to all of my subscribers. More than me potentially losing all of my content, since I hadn’t backed it up at that time, this forced foul content that was directly in opposition to everything that I stood for.

Join now for $10 monthly for the lifetime of your membership while I’m under the construction phase!!!

Almost immediately after I got my channel back fear crept into my head. It wasn’t a fear of failure, because I was pretty confident that this wouldn’t be a flop. After unpacking some baggage and toxic relationships in 2020, I realized that I was scared of this being a success. No matter how much I wanted this to happen, I’ve been in a perpetual state of near-burn-out since I began with Mx Domestic. So I knew that I needed to make some changes before I could dive into this feet first and dedicate the amount of time and energy that you all deserve.

Which leads us to today, I’m hella ready and, even though I’m still a smidge fearful at how the success of Sew-U would alter my life, I’m jumping in feet first and I’m am ready for this to become everything I know it will be. So for today, in order for me to flip the switch, it’s going to feel a little familiar to my loyal YouTube subscribers because I have literally uploaded and organized most of my YouTube tutorial content, which will be mostly removed from my YouTube a week from today.

Join now for $10 monthly for the lifetime of your membership while I’m under the construction phase!!!

Beyond this content, my plan is to quickly ramp up new content starting with beginner friendly sewing and quilting courses. But I need to start generating revenue from the school so that I can acquire more resources for the exponential growth I’m planning for 2021. So if you have ever enjoyed my free content anywhere and want to be a part of this and see this succeed, I need for you to subscribe today during this anticipated 6-month Under Construction Phase. Even if you know all the things or don’t even sew, you can totally sign up and forget about it and I will happily take your money to help make this dream come true.

To show my gratitude to soooo many of you that have supported me from day one, I’m offering a huge discounted rate. You are all the reason this is possible and this is my thank you to you for your endless support!! So as long as your membership remains active, you’ll be able to keep the current rate as long as you are a member.

Join now for $10 monthly for the lifetime of your membership while I’m under the construction phase!!!

Crafting is a skill you can master at any age. Sew-U is a platform to learn a new skillset or hone your craft! I offer a subscription based monthly service with new classes uploaded monthly, or class packages based on exactly what you are looking to learn.

To show my gratitude to soooo many of you that have supported me from day one, I’m offering a huge discounted rate. You are all the reason this is possible and this is my thank you to you for your endless support!!

If a monthly subscription isn’t your thing, the following are offered as $20 packages of classes based on skills and interests.

I look forward to continuing to build and nurture this truly inclusive Community that we have all created together the past five years. Who’s with me?

Love ya, mean it.


  1. MxDomestic
    Lisa LaBrecque

    Hello! I have a question regarding the packages, how long are they available to view? should I be ready to sew when I purchase? thank you!

    1. MxDomestic
      Charles Buttermann

      Is there any way to give this subscription as a gift? My partner’s birthday is the 27th and your videos and positivity have been a light and a joy for her.

  2. MxDomestic

    My question is the same as Lisa L.

  3. MxDomestic
    Tami Walker

    I just joined Sew U. I can’t wait to get started. I watched your video and 100% agree with you. If people are going to judge others by their race, sexual orientation, handicap or whatever they choose not to judge on because they either weren’t taught any better or they just want something to hate, they don’t belong in this community. You just do you. Haters are gonna hate, no matter how they justify themselves. Thank you for making Sew U. I’m glad your dreams are coming true!

    1. MxDomestic
      Mathew Boudreaux

      Thank you. It’s gotten so exhausting with the volume of folks who just want to be racist and don’t want to change. I don’t have energy to sift through that and I don’t want members of my community to either.

      1. MxDomestic
        Betty EJ

        I agree; you can only change yourself, not others. Thank you for your energy! Best Wishes!

  4. MxDomestic
    Tami Walker

    I meant whatever they choose to judge people on

  5. MxDomestic

    How many classes can I take per month? Also, are the classes in real time or can I view them at my convenience? Thanks!

    1. MxDomestic
      Mathew Boudreaux

      You can view everything at your convenience. And if you do the monthly subscription, you get access to all content as long as you are a member.

  6. MxDomestic

    Is everything a subscription? I’m not interested in subscriptions seeing I forget to cancel abs never cancel. However, I would love to purchase a few classes at SewU, but with no subscription, is that possible??? Because I didn’t see an option

    1. MxDomestic
      Mathew Boudreaux

      You can purchase individual courses for three month access.

  7. MxDomestic

    Will there be more courses added, my hubs will need to know that before I commit to another subscription to something. I’m very interested though ?

    1. MxDomestic
      Mathew Boudreaux

      Absolutely. Once I get everything looking pretty in there, I’ll be adding new coursework and content pretty regularly.

  8. MxDomestic

    Your views ARE awesome! I am excited by inclusion!
    Consider me a subscriber, and I can’t wait to see what’s coming. Thank you!

  9. MxDomestic
    Steven Bauer

    I always wanted to learn to sew, and for Christmas 2019 all I wanted (and got!) was a sewing machine! My hubs didn’t want to get it because he figured I’d never get around to learning. Here we are over a year and a pandemic later and crap – he was right. Do you think you’ll ever do beginner courses, in particular for a 100% novice middle aged guy set in his ways with patience issues? ?

    1. MxDomestic
      Mathew Boudreaux

      My first new coursework in my school will be a beginner sewing and a beginner quilting series.

      1. MxDomestic
        Luz Noyola

        I am VERY interested in the sewing classes as a published crochet designer myself so I can take my business to the next level! What are your suggestions as far as buying my machine? ?

  10. MxDomestic

    Congrats on your new offering – I hope it’s a smashing success!

  11. MxDomestic
    Jean Necheles

    If I purchase the subscription do I only have access to the classes for three months or for the duration of my subscription?

    1. MxDomestic
      Mathew Boudreaux

      If you purchase the $10 a month, you’ll have access to all of the content in the school as long as your membership stays current.

  12. MxDomestic
    Gail Hester

    Congratulations on your new venture! You are a joy to watch and learn from so I’m not surprised you have had such great response. I follow you on Instagram and Facebook & was so excited to see this. It will make it easier with all the videos in one place. I just signed up for monthly! I do a lot of handbags and machine embroidery but want to learn weaving, paper piecing, and quilting. And whatever else you add!

  13. MxDomestic
    Barbara Links

    I just watched your trailer on you tube, and I would like to check out your videos and tutorials. I think what you are doing is fantastic! And I’m from ,,, that older generation you mentioned 71 to be exact… and I love what you stand for and say “ good for you !” ❤️
    I am a quilter and love learning new techniques and new ways of doing things…I have been quilting for many yrs off and on and I like all kinds of sewing and some crafting, and hand work to. so thanks for your site and I am looking forward to it.

  14. MxDomestic
    Joelle K Holt

    So Bbq I joined but have a hard time getting yo the page to log in. Help!

  15. MxDomestic
    Lisa Thomas

    I just want to say YOU ROCK!!!???

  16. MxDomestic

    I just found out about you literally 20 minutes ago after someone had shared your latest insta reel. Watched the jelly roll video and I’m so into it! I’ve been looking for a sewing/crafting patreon to learn from and haven’t found exactly what I’ve wanted until now. I definitely plan on signing up. I love bright colours and I love your energy!

  17. MxDomestic
    Judy Holley

    Matthew, I am just seeing your video of last year on YT. I was aware when the hacking occurred but had a life-threatening health crisis in 2020, & lost months…I had my account deleted on Instagram, (still don’t know what for) & lost ALL my content & contacts. Not being one to give up, I got a new device & started again. I am grateful just to be here, & have 4-5 more contacts now…though will never trust only 1 platform again! So I am “spread out” with different sites for different interests.
    SO happy to have found you. I want to say thank you for helping me to get started, for all the fun things you posted, & for the generosity you & a few others in the online quilting community showed in just sending me scraps, for the giveaways, the expertise born only of experience.
    I should not be surprised that you became an object of attack: good people always have a target on them in this world. But I am truly sorry it happened to you. Having had some experience in that, I can encourage you by saying with certainty, you will come out of it better, stronger, & more successful for surviving it. I love you & Helena & it made me cry (there’s that empath heart) watching you talk about it.
    Love to you both & praying for your continued success. ??

  18. MxDomestic
    April Easter

    I’m really excited to jump in and support you and your sweet family! I’ve enjoyed your free content lots so I’m gonna subscribe for a while. Thanks for being you in the world!

  19. MxDomestic
    Michele Schutt

    Will you be expanding Sew U to include crocheting tutorials? That’s my next goal. Love you, mean it!

  20. MxDomestic
    Lisa Crawford

    I think this is amazing well done!!! I will join as soon as I can ! But I am loving your videos and I am very jealous of everything you can do

  21. MxDomestic
    Betty Busby

    Any classes on sewing machine itself. Why different needles and threads, the darn tension and so forth

    1. MxDomestic
      Mathew Boudreaux

      These type videos are at the top of my list to create

  22. MxDomestic
    Sebastian & Suzanne

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! This is the type of crafting environment I want my son to grow up with; so much so, that I’ve signed up in his name / email account (even though he is less than a year old ?).

    Question: Have you considered whether or not we will be able to “pause” our membership if we have to make hard choices about our budgeting in the future? If so, will we be able to keep the introductory rate when we resume? (I don’t need an answer right now, but wanted to mention that it is something that I -and many others- think about when starting a new subscription.)

  23. MxDomestic
    Donna D

    Hello Matthew from Arizona! So glad I discovered your YouTube channel. I love your bright, creative energetic spirit! And your projects are so cute. I’m looking for the wefting needle to do fabric weaving. Where can I purchase them? TYIA ????❤️?

  24. MxDomestic

    Hello, Just wanna say I’m disappointed. Those of us who can’t afford even $10 a month miss out on what we have been able to enjoy before. I enjoyed the You tube videos and learning from them. I guess as one who can’t afford a paying site, I must say reluctantly say goodbye. Good luck with your future. Now and then think of those of us who can’t afford such things.

    1. MxDomestic
      Mathew Boudreaux

      Um. You can still consume a lot of my free content on Youtube and other places. Maybe in the future check that out before leaving a comment like this somewhere else because it’s hella entitled and part of the reason I have opened my online school.

  25. MxDomestic
    Julie Walker

    Matthew, so glad you’re back. I do miss your YT’s. You’re such a happy person and have a great attitude when you make a error in what you’re making. It’s like you don’t make mistake, you make happy accidents. Glad you’re back, good luck with this new venture.

  26. MxDomestic
    Joann Volz

    Thank you, I’m already taking other classes, for now my budget will not allow me, but you can’t beat ten dollars a month, others out there charge way more. To the person that mentioned” think of others,” I believe he has, there are you tube videos that are free, from many different artist, but if you want more, like one on one, will be available to answer your questions, then you pay! We all need to find our niche in life, and should not feel any shame in doing so. Everything is not free! In closing this up, wishing you the best in this new journey, I do plan on joining you soon! Blessings for success, sending your way.?

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