Single Crochet Striped Billow Pillow


If y’all have been reading my posts, you know that my pocketbook loves me some Knit Picks.  And this project was my introduction. I was at Quilt Festival in the LDH Booth and, as I was out on the floor looking for an iron to borrow, I came across their booth. I legit squealed out loud.

I don’t think they knew what they were in for when they said yes, but they totally let me make some cake and we filmed a video.

The texture created by this Billow yarn from Knit Picks is outta control amazing. At first, I tried to make a larger granny square, but the “billow” in the yarn intentionally creates an uneven stitch so it didn’t work out even when I blocked it. I got a cute photo in my sleep dress anyhoo so it was worth the exploration of the medium.

So I yanked it all out and did a simple single crochet to let the texture be the star and boy is the texture divine.

I had just enough yarn with the four skeins to create a front and back 16″ x 16″ square to create a pillow. I whip stitched the two blocks together and inserted a pillow form before I was finished and yeehaw I have a foxy pillow.

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