Week 1: Loved to Pieces Blog Party

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In case you haven’t heard, the most exciting amazing blog party is underway with the most talented and awesome makers ever: Loved to Pieces Blog Party. Each week, master makers around the world will be making projects that tickled their fancies using my Loved to Pieces Fabric. This week, we saw projects from the following makers:

Neighbors Quilt by Amanda Woodruff


Okay so talk about opening up the show with a bang!! Amanda Woodruff of A Crafty Fox designed this quilt top using a gradient of my prints from teal to dark blue contrasted with the Snow Pure Element Solid. And then she used the Anthonem Festive print and fussy cut the flowers into these surprise star elements in the center of each block. Seriously this quilt is both effortlessly cool and intensely dynamic. And to top it all off, she took photos of it in Kauai. All the heart eyes.

Endless Summer by Sharon Holland


My AGF sister and fellow designer, Sharon Holland of Sharon Holland Designs designed this fantabulous table runner to which she has a free pattern on her blog. In her make, she highlighted the Anthonem Serene print for the center surrounded by various shades of greens/teals pulled from some of the prints. She is more talented than she knows and her heart is pure as gold. This absolutely makes me want to rush out and buy a dining room table so that I can make of of these.

Kate Skirt by Angela Wolf


I first got to know of Angela Wolf‘s work as a fellow Sew Specialist with Brother. From  upcycling to pattern design, the stuff she is able to create in apparel legit blows me away. She’s basically a fabric magician who makes sewing apparel both approachable and informative through her various tutorials and videos all over the interweb. And check out this knit shirt and Gladiolumns Rayon skirt that she made, both of which she has a pattern for.

Screen Shot 2018-07-22 at 8.38.24 AM.png

She also invited me to chat with her on a livestream where we chatted for almost an hour. There was definite laughter and even some new catch phrases, so make sure to check out the video and thumbs up and subscribe and all that.

Mommy & Me Dresses by Brittany J Jones


Brittany J Jones made these absolutely delightful mommy and me dresses using the Striped Flow Rainbow print and I basically died from cuteness overload when I saw them. Not only in Brittany a phenomenally talented maker, but she just oozes joy. And to see that trait clearly passed down to her daughter makes my heart have a permasmile. Every single one of her makes looks like a high end boutique piece and I predict big things for Brittany in the future. She’s definitely a rare gem both in talent and spirit so head over to her blog and social because your life will be better for it.

Eclipse Quilt by Sharon McConnell


The stuff Sharon McConnell of Color Girls Quilts is able to create using curves is definitely other-worldly. She designed this must-have Classic Curves Ruler that you can use to make a bajillion patterns and this quilt is definitely one of my faves. The background choice perfectly accented all of my prints and the orange peel goodness combined with the surprise shuriken in the center totally has me going googoo gaga all over the place. The quilting was done by Darby of Quilting Squid which is amazing in it’s own right, but definitely next levels this already phenomenal quilt.

Storefront by Elina Temmes

Seriously  have no words for the generosity of Elina Temmes in both the quantity and quality of her makes for this blog party that can only be summed up by referring to it as a storefront. And as the mayor of Mister Domestic Land, I have hereby named July 21st as Elina Temmes Day to celebrate.

Words just cannot describe the awesomeness and diversity of these projects and these only scratch the surface, so head over to her Instagram to see all of the magic and inspiration.

FQ Bundle Prize by Fat Quarter Shop


Fat Quarter Shop has generously sponsored a FQ Bundle giveaway of Loved to Pieces each week of my blog party that starts on Sunday and ends on Saturday. So head over to my Instagram each week to learn how to enter. The winner for the first week is @pinkrinsequilter. Super congrats!

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While I don’t promote anything unless I legit love it, this post contains affiliate links.


  1. Mathew Boudreaux
    Sharon HollandSharon

    Mathew, you make the world a brighter, kinder, prettier place—we’re all (especially me) so lucky to know you. Thank you for having me on your tour!

  2. Mathew Boudreaux

    I love EVERY single featured piece here! Oh my gosh that quilt is stunning. The Mommy and Me dresses make me wish my girls were little again. The creativity in this blog is just plain astounding. Look what you did, Mathew! Such a versatile fabric line. love it!

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